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Love is in the air

I took a lovely booking this morning and I was almost surprised how close we are to Valentines day when I was told that the shots were for her husband as a Valentines present. Yes folks it's only just over a month away so be prepared to be assailed by boxes upon boxes of chocolates in the shops! Now naturally I'm going to go with the idea of a photograph, but I do think it's a lovely idea, a wife and daughter print should surely tell someone how much they are loved and remind them throughout the year as well.

But it need not just apply to mothers and daughters, come on guys, use a bit of imagination and give the special person in your life a stunning portrait that they can keep on the beside table... just don't leave it too long to book a session.


My NEW website can now be found at www.kevindayphotographer.com

The links, galleries and images here still all work fine as does the contact page
but I would love you to look at my most recent work at my new address

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