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Family and Lifestyle


These sessions are about making sure that you the client can relax and really enjoy the experience as well as ending up with images to treasure. Whilst there is nothing wrong with a classic portrait looking straight in to the camera I feel a more relaxed approach observing the family and capturing the dynamics between parents and children is so much more telling - and memorable. 


Sessions last for at about two hours, but I rarely look at my watch and more often than not it can stretch beyond that because we are all having such a great time. Hopefully you agree and see that the results speak for themselves.



Portraits are more than just photographs, as a photographer I need to convey the personality of my client as well as providing a good likeness. The impish attitude of a child, the wisdom or memories of age, elegance or innocence – all these qualities need to be seen if they are there and that is why my sessions last for at least two hours, it takes time to relax and get to know each other. Hopefully you agree and see that the results here speak for themselves.


Whilst I do appreciate that not everyone wants to show off their bump I do take great pleasure and a huge amount of care to portray this miracle of life. "Baby bump" photographs require a sense of trust and communication between everyone concerned, and by doing this I like to think that my sessions not only help mum to relax but actually have a calming effect. I have included in the galleries below shots of other children as they are important in telling the story of the last days of pregnancy. Give me a call and chat about what sort of photographs you would like to remember this wonderful event.


The main difference with Event Photography for the client and myself is that there are a lot
of people to photograph, and it is often about capturing the emotions and atmosphere
more than carefully crafted portraits. 


A bit of a generic catch all, Event photography is generally occasions where more than
a small group of people are present so this includes parties, Christenings, business meetings, product launches, funerals – the list goes on. Event Photography usually results in a lot more photos than a smaller portrait session and even though I rarely have control of the lighting the resulting images still get a great deal of care and attention spent on them. Often the shots are then put together in a beautiful keepsake book so that everyone can enjoy the memories of that special day



Unlike a lot of photography websites I am not ashamed of my fees. Very often you will visit a website, see lovely images but need to contact the photographer to find out how much they will charge, which may vary depending on any number of things. I don't work like that, you can see the style and quality of my work and so I'm not ashamed or embarassed to tell you how much I am worth. 


My lifestyle, portrait and maternity session fees start at £120.00, this is usually a two hour visit to your home or location of your choice, your private online gallery which you can share with friends and family and a disc of your high resolution images. I provide the disc so that you can print the photos yourself to the sizes that suit you.

Event fees as I hope you can imagine do vary according to the time/duration but start from £180, this is for a "small" private party and generally assumes 3hrs of coverage of the event.
As with all packages you have a private online gallery which you can share with friends and family as well as a disc of your selected images. I provide the disc so that you can print the photos yourself to the sizes that suit you.


Longer visits or location trips can easily be arranged and any extra requests will be agreed before hand - there are NO hidden extras. Call me to discuss what you are after and we can talk about the best way to achieve what you want.


A 25% non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your booking with the balance due on the day of the session.


Travel up to 15 miles from SL3 6BN is included, any additional mileage outside this is charged at 50p per mile.


My NEW website can now be found at www.kevindayphotographer.com

The links, galleries and images here still all work fine as does the contact page
but I would love you to look at my most recent work at my new address

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