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It's Party Time

No idea why but it really does seem to be the party season at the moment with lots of shoots done and an even higher number coming up over the next few weeks. So I thought it would be a good idea to mention here a few things to manage expectations if you are considering booking OneDay Photography to capture your event. Parties in particular present the unexpected, especially children's parties.

The unexpected may be the way the guests engage with one another or just the various types of light that I often encounter at function venues.

The key to ending up with a wonderful gallery of memories is allowing me as free a reign as possible and not looking at a previous clients gallery and expecting the same sort of shots, each individual is different and getting a whole group of people together means you will never be able to get the same shots.

So what should you expect to see in your gallery? I can't give you any specifics, the general atmosphere of guests enjoying themselves is obvious as well as some of the smaller details that you have gone to the trouble of putting together but after that it is down to letting my experience take over.

Yes guests will come and ask me to take shots of them together and of course I will oblige but in all honesty they will not look too dissimilar from the shots they are taking of each other, but it is the shots I take as they chat and laugh with each other that capture the spirit of the moment that become more memorable.

Of course this doesn't mean that I won't get any lovely portraits, as the opportunity arises I will endeavour to catch lovely shots of individual guests and of course there is nothing nicer than showing a guest afterwards what a beautiful photograph you have of them, but please don't expect carefully crafted portraits of all your guests, it just won't happen for so many reasons and they have not come along to celebrate your occasion to have their portrait taken. . . that's a bonus if we manage it.

So keep your expectations realistic and let me surprise you with some really lovely moments, they will occur and often you won't even be aware that they have taken place.

In the mean time please feel free to browse the galleries on my Events page to see the sort of shots taken at previous parties.


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