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What is this?

It really is what it say's.

One whole day with you and your family being yourselves and doing ordinary stuff. It's about capturing a complete range of moments and emotions from getting up to go going back to bed. We all have photos of family get togethers, parties, opening Christmas presents and they bring back wonderful memories, but very few of us have photographs of the ordinary everyday moments, the precious ones that so easily fade, how he liked his cereal, the wave at the school gate, how happy she looked when Dad arrived home, cuddling up watching TV - all these moments bring back wonderful memories.


Of course during the whole day we will capture a few portraits both individually and as a family but it's all about holding on to those tiny little memories of daily life as they grow up.


All I ask is that you be yourselves, I will work around you and after the first couple of hours you won't even notice I'm there.

A very small sample from a shoot at the bottom of the page may help explain what it's about in more detail

OneDay in Your Life lifestyle photography

What's included?

My selection of the images that best capture your lives will get put into a gallery so that you can share them with fiends and family, all those images plus loads more (I will end up taking a huge number of shots during the day) will be supplied on disc for you to do whatever you want with. But the best way to view the photographs is as a collection of images that tell the story of your whole day which is why I include a hardback book that will be designed in full consultation with yourself to really show the best of the whole day.


Ok let's be honest, the real question was "How much is a whole day of photography going to cost?" To cover the whole day is £450 which includes the 60 page hardback book, web gallery and disc of images. Extra pages can of course be added to the storybook at a supplement but let's wait to see the photographs before making that decision.

Precious momets captured forever

Tell me more?

It is very difficult to give specifics about how the day will work for you. Every family is individual and whilst some may just want to relax and have a day at home others may want to squeeze as much as possible into the day. What that means though is that you will have a beautifully individual book telling the story of your day from dawn till dusk. 

Below are a few more specific questions I have been asked and they may - or may not - be relevant to what you want to know.


I photograph life as it is,
not as I want it to look like...

OneDay In Your Life hardback book

Hi Kevin

Amazing photos thank you so much!

I am sooo glad that you and Matthew convinced me to try 'A day in the life' the photos are priceless and will have even more emotional significance when we look back in the years to come!!

See you soon!


Questions, questions, questions?

So I've been asked quite a few questions about how the day works, what is involved etc so here are a few answers and ideas to think about.


Do we need to do anything special?

You certainly don't need to but if you want to then feel free, just be yourselves. It's a little difficult to really explain but if you want to visit Thorpe Park, that's great, but normally you would take shots of the family having fun on the rides, enjoying themselves, you know - having a great time. By all means do that and I will capture the day for you but it is much more about catching those ordinary moments, the times that you never really think about taking a photograph until a couple of years later when you laugh about how Leisha brushed her hair or how Tyler never went anywhere without his favourite toy.

Having said that it is a good idea to have a rough plan of things to do during the day, but let's not be too rigid about it. If the kids fancy baking then let's do that, if they want to play in their room for a while that's fine . . . get the idea, just have a normal day.


We normally go shopping on a Saturday?

I'm almost tempted to say read the above again. Fine lets go shopping, if that's part of your day then just do it. Am I going to photograph everything you put in your basket? Probably not, but who knows what will happen in the shops, you meet a friend you haven't seen for ages, Ajay sulks because he can't have the pudding he wanted, even little Alice sitting in a shopping trolley can bring back a memory that is precious.

We've got children, the house is never tidy!

We are not taking photo's of you house, it's about the people that live in it, if there is a pile of laundry in the corner then so be it, that's life and more importantly that's your life. But don't worry, I will aim to exlude most background clutter - unless it's part of the story - it's about your family not your house.


Would it be possible to have a couple of "nice" shots of the children?

I will be with you the whole day, all I can suggest is you glance at some of the lovely portraits in the examples to see that a real advantage of me being there for so long is that I almost become invisible through the families eyes. I'm sure we've all seen portraits with the forced smile, the shots where you are encouraging the children to behave for the photographer. Now imagine how relaxed they will be having seen me around all morning, sure I interact with them, but I'll be interacting with you all . . . and then you realise that you've been ignoring me, I've been there for ages and no-one has been paying me any attention - well that's great as far as I'm concerned.


Dad will be at work all day.

Dad may be at work for a lot of the day but I'm sure there is family time at breakfast and then of course he comes home in the evening. But that is life, and perhaps Dad also wonders what happens during the day when he isn't there, what is it really like when you drop Michel off at school, or what happens when your friends bring their children round for coffee? It's just another day if your life - but one that you can share and look back on.

My children are beautiful but I don't really want photos with me in them.

We all think our children are beautiful - and most of us don't really like our own photo taken, especially first thing in the morning. All I can ask is that you trust me, I will be taking "honest" photos of real life, but I want you to love the results and the whole day. It is more about capturing the connection and emotions between you all than carefully crafted portraits. These may not all be photos that you want to share with friends on social media, but their value will increase as the years go past.

This links to a small sample gallery


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