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I photograph weddings wherever you want although I am based in the Thames valley. My style is primarily documentary although you can call it reportage, jourmalism, candid, fly-on-the-wall. But whatever you want to
call it, my aim is to capture all those special moments on your special day.


So if you've read this far then there is a good chance you are getting married . . . many congratulations! And now you are most probably wondering why the simplest of things are suddenly so much more expensive because you mentioned the wedding word. And why does every supplier assume that you want to be a princess for the day.

And whoever thought there were so many websites, blogs and magazines dedicated to tellingyou what you have to have or do, to make your day complete.


I'm afraid I can't help you with the other arrangements but I can promise to keep the photography nice and straighforward. You don't want your photographer organising you on your wedding day, you just want me quietly working away in the background, seeing those special little moments just before they happen and presenting you with images that tell the story of the whole day from start to finish.


So why would someone put themselves in the pressure pot of making sure that never-to-be-repeated moments are not only caught but captured with such emotion that you smile every time you look back at them? It's simple, I really love it, I love seeing people crying with joy, children playing, laughter, tender moments . . . just really happy people.


If my honesty hasn't put you off so far . . . and I really do hope it hasn't, take a look at the photos in the galleries of wedding days and drop me a line to arrange a chat and have a laugh about the silliness that is the wedding industry! And ask me questions, I know it's obvious, but having attended so many weddings and had the opportunities to see what goes on behind the scenes, why not take advantage of all that knowledge and let me help you wherever I can.

Swans in love

Your Investment


For £1200 you receive a full days wedding photography, from the bride getting ready through to the first dance. This is generally about 10 hours of coverage. I usually work with an assistant, she is there to assist me where necessary and keep me fully informed on the proceedings but she is not a "second photographer", this can be arranged if needed for an extra fee. Extended coverage is available at £100 per hour.


Also included is a pre-wedding session a couple of months before the day so that you get used to me which makes the big day even less stress-free, and of course it provides you with some lovely portraits before the big day.


All prices include a set of fully edited pictures on memory stick or DVD. I create a private gallery which you can share with friends and family, these usually are the more informal shots which tell the story of the whole day


Books, albums, prints, teatowels . . . ok maybe not teatowels . . . are not something you want to think about before the big day. I'm a graphic designer, creating books and albums that match the feel and style of the day is second nature to me but I know you want to have your input on how they look – this is your future investment, but I do not see this as the hidden money making item that many others do. I want you to be so delighted with what you get that you show all your friends and tell them how good I am.

Frightenly honest isn't it!


So hopefully my relaxed, friendly approach has put you at ease so that together we create

the images that you want. Whilst the galleries here show moments I have caught in the

past I will talk to you first to ensure that you get the images that you want.

A photograph is a method of retelling a moment and it all starts with communication.

So that brings me on to my final point about cost . . .

this is my job, it's how I earn my living but I am not just motivated by money

. . . if the fee is really going to break the bank and you can convince me that your day will be so different/ special/exciting feel free to get in touch and lets see if we can come to

a mutual agreement – just don't tell me that you need to budget for some Jimmy Choo's!


I am based near Windsor/Slough in Berkshire so it's nice and easy for you to come and have a chat, I really look forward to hearing from you.  


My NEW website can now be found at www.kevindayphotographer.com

The links, galleries and images here still all work fine as does the contact page
but I would love you to look at my most recent work at my new address

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