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The Dream of Gerontius

Once again the Royal Choral Society commissioned me to cover one of their performances. This time it was at the beautiful setting of Winchester Cathedral and the were accompanied by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. After spending the morning watching and photographing the rehersals the break before the eveing performance was taken up with a lovely tea party where various awards were presented by the Charmain of the Society.

We had planned to do a group shot in the grounds of the cathedral anyway but I had scouted out a beautifully secluded garden which offered a lovely backdrop for this shot and managed to take the opportunity to catch some of the members as they arrived at the appointed time and took some lovely small groups which was a real bonus for everyone.


The lighting inside the cathedral was challenging to say the least but often the best results come from challenges and certainly some of the shots as the choir prepared to assemble on stage capture not only the majesty of the building but also the looks of awe and appreciation from the members as well as the audience.​


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