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A guilty pleasure

Those that read this most probably know that I post a lot of shots on Flickr, it's where I discovered the 100 strangers project that I am involved with and certainly is an outlet for my more "creative" shots as well as a storage area for a lot of ordinary work. I don't visit Flickr anywhere as often as I used to but having posted a couple of strangers this week I delved deeper into my stats to discover that my photostream there has just passed the 3 million views mark. Now in the grand scheme of things that doesn't mean or make the slightest difference to anything, and I know that it is a cumulative figure, nevertheless it did get me thinking about that number and how we have come to accept this sort of massive exposure as normal. Twenty years ago it would only be the very top photographers that could ever hope to reach that size audience, and that would have been either through exhibitions or publication, but the audience would have seeked them out, viewers would have travelled to exhibitions, bought books and magazines, in general they wanted to see their work. So how does that compare to todays audience? Well I do appreciate that most of these 3 million views are from casual browsing and that a shot that I might have posted online last week was seen by a few hundred people but might have actually only been "noticed" by one or two, but I looked at the UK cities populations and it seems that I would need the whole of Belfast with a population of 297,300 to look at 10 of my photos to achieve that exposure.... so now I'll go off and pick those 10 shots.


My NEW website can now be found at www.kevindayphotographer.com

The links, galleries and images here still all work fine as does the contact page
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