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Tips for not hating your wedding photos

As a bride, you might have to accept that not everything will be 100% perfect on your wedding day. Your cake might be dry, your flowers may wilt halfway through the reception. Nothing will ruin the memory of your wedding day like disappointing photos, though. Follow these tips for not hating your wedding photos.

  1. Like your photographer’s personality, not just their portfolio. Meet with the actual person who’ll be photographing your wedding.

  2. Be aware that the light changes throughout the day and different light will result in very different photographs. When looking at venues think about the light in each room. Remember, photography is essentially painting with light and if there isn’t any, there’s only so much your photographer can do without using a flash.

  3. Stop comparing your wedding photos to PInterest images. You may actually love your pictures if you focus on what they are instead of everything they’re not. Your wedding’s going to look unique because it’s yours.

  4. Work out a timeline with your wedding planner and / or wedding photographer that allows for portrait sessions and group shots. Rushing because you didn’t plan in advance means missing out on photos you really want.

  5. Kindly ask your DJ to please kill the laser lights during the first dance, unless you want to come out in your photos with weird colourful blotches on your faces.

  6. The camera won’t be kind to Mrs. Drunk Face. Wait until the after party to throw back tequila shots; sip your liquor during the reception and drink plenty of water.

  7. Request that guests leave their iPhone / iPad / cameras in their clutch, pocket or car during the ceremony. Otherwise, your beautiful photos will show a bunch of people with camera phones in front of their face.

  8. Ask that the caterer serve the photographer when the bride and groom get their meal. This way, important moments won’t be missed because your photographer is in the kitchen while you’re cutting the cake.

  9. If you know you’re going to have an indoor wedding at the time you book photography, work with a photographer who knows how to use lighting to create beautiful images.

  10. Friends and family members should be invited as guests, not photographers, even if they are photographers in their day job. It’ll be hard for them to work when they want to have fun.


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