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A good end to the year

Taking a booking is always a pleasure, and when someone phones up and says they have found me via my website it does make me happy that things work as I hoped they would. So imagine how delighted I was to take a call last Saturday which started of with "Hello, I'm calling from New York..." Now I have to be honest and say my first thought was that someone was playing a prank on me, but after a few seconds it was apparant that this was no joke and Geeta needed a photographer for an upcoming birthday party. Having just spoken to a friend a couple of days before, who is being flown out to India next year to photograph a wedding, my excitement did build... for about 10 seconds... until Geeta said that she was flying back to the UK for Christmas and her birthday.

Am I disappointed - not at all, I think this could be a wonderfull end to the year and 2014 already has some really exciting locations and venues booked for families and weddings, so all I can say is thank you to all of you for your support this year and I look forward to seeing some of you again next year.


My NEW website can now be found at www.kevindayphotographer.com

The links, galleries and images here still all work fine as does the contact page
but I would love you to look at my most recent work at my new address

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