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Slough Strangers

I'm a terror for starting a blog , adding two or three posts then forgetting all about it. So hopefully with this one actully linked to my site I may manage to keep it updated!

So my first post here is about the first time that I've actually had a queue of people form behind me as I was photographing a stranger in the street.

Shortly after leaving a previous stranger I spotted Olivia walking towards me, I knew I had to convince her to have her portrait taken so when she agreed I was delighted and as we were walking towards the town square where the light was slightly better we chatted about where she was from and how long she had been in the UK. She was on her way to meet up with a friend and could just pause for a couple of minutes. By this time we had reached the square and so I started taking a couple of shots of her when I became aware of a family hovering by the side of us. I carried on talking to Olivia and taking a couple more shots, when the father figure from the family started asking me for details, rates, etc. Luckily I had finished getting the shots I wanted of Olivia and she was in a bit of a rush anyway so we exchanged details and of she went, at which point I could turn and give my full attention to the family.... only to find two more people queued up behind them waiting to have their photos taken, at which point it just got stupid... as I was talking to the family and he was explaining why he was interested another couple joined the queue.

I've never had that happen before and in the end having taken some shots of everyone I walked away laughing.

You can see the rest of my stranger shots on Flickr here


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